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So your average Angelina Jolie web search is bound to produce endless sites. However, most of them are dead links, so here are some sites that are actually worth your time. If you know of any other worthwhile AJ sites, let me know, and I'll add 'em ASAP.


Angelina Jolie Page
It includes images and more links.
The Angelina Jolie Worship Page
Definitely worth your valuable time. Not updated, but nice layout and pics.
An Angelina Page
A very cool, informative page. It has neat bits and pieces. If you want to learn all sorts of facts about Angelina, this is the place to go.
Celestial Lily
Awesome page, with nice picture gallery. It also includes transcripts of some AJ television appearances. Updated regularly.
Girls on Film: Angelina Jolie
Really nice site, with cool pictures and movie info. Updated regularly as well.

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