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*IMPORTANT* According to one of my sources, Angelina Jolie will be making her second appearance on Tom Snyder's "The Late, Late Show" this upcoming Monday, August 3rd. It will not be a re-run, and she'll probably be discussing her two emmy nominations and her current projects.


Just thought I'd share these little snipets from GIST TV's assesment on the Emmys:

On the best actress in a mini-series category:

"Barkin, Curtis and Davis are terrific actors, but all three rolled into one can't compete with Dukakis' show-stopping portrayal as the whimsical and wise transsexual Ms. Madrigal in Tales. But more deserving is Jolie (Jon Voight's daughter), who has already given the performance of a lifetime in her first starring role as the doomed supermodel Gia."

And on the supporting actress category:

"It would be incredible if Jolie won a best supporting actress Emmy for her role in Wallace (for which she's already won a Golden Globe) in addition to her almost-certain best actress award for Gia, but it may be too much to hope for."

He gives the edge on this one to AJ's co-star, Mare Winningham. It would be great,though, for Angelina to walk off with both statues...


I've added a new section to our Angelina page. This time, it is a member's forum/discussion group thanks to the folks from "Deja News." You can visit it by following this link:

Visit my Member Forum at Deja News.

Subscribe to it, otherwise I'll die...just kidding. That's it for now! Later.


Way to go Angelina!!! The awards keep pouring in (pardon the cliche expression) WOW! Angelina Jolie was nominated for TWO Emmys: Best Actress for "Gia" and Best Supporting Actress for "George Wallace." Right now I'm trying to find out what other nods "Gia" and "George Wallace" received. Still, I was dissapointed not to see the rest of "Gia"s ensemble on the list,Elizabeth Mitchell in particular.

Congratulations AJ, you rock!

*For a far more comprehensive look, check out my "Angelina Gold" section. There you will see the six categories in which "Gia" was nominated, as well as the eight nods received by "George Wallace."


Great news: Angelina Jolie was named best actress for "Gia" at Outfest '98: The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. This is just the beginning! Congratulations AJ, and thank you so much Crystal for the info! Tomorrow's Emmy day...woo hoo!


The big day is just around the corner, yes, "Gia" will be released on home video tomorrow. For those souls who haven't been touched by this film, (to quote Wilhemina Cooper) "you are in for the ride of your life."


I've done quite a few things this last few days. I added a new section called "Did you say Angelina???" which includes a couple of new pictures. There is also another addition to the "Ramblings" page, in the form of AJ fan Kate's assesment of her "Gia Experience." It's well worth reading. That's it!Later.


I'd like to take a moment to wish Ingmar Bergman a very happy (if that's even possible for him!) 80th birthday. He is the biggest influence in my life, outside of my family, and one of the people who has inspired me to strive towards my goals and dreams. Through all these years of following his work, I feel somehow connected to him, and it makes it even better when I think that I'm breathing the same air he is! So that's it! Later.


I added yet another new section called "It's A Jolie World," basically a page full of links to other cool and worthy Angelina Jolie sites. Later!


Today I added a new section called "More Angelina" with a few new pics. They're really cute, so check 'em out. Later!


Things are VERY quiet around AJ land. Aside from the "surreal" chat last Saturday, I haven't done much lately. I'm still on the look out for the latest news, but I guess there won't be anything major to report until next week (Emmy Nominations) so keep up the faith. I will be adding more pics of the real Gia soon, since I found an old article which included images of Gia from her first communion to her first modelling sessions and more. They should be up by the end of the week.That's it! Later.


Great news, according to Variety, "Dancing About Architecture" will be released on December 18th. It was shot in 41 days, and there's an interesting article accompanying the news which I've added to the "Angelina Interviews" section, though it's not an actual interview...oh well. (Thanks for the tip David!)


Just updated the "Jolie Quizz" for July. It's a tricky one. Well, not much more than that! Since last Saturday's chat session went so well (except for the fact people kept getting kicked out!!!), I've scheduled a new one for the fourth of July. Starting at 11:30pm (ET) you are all invited.

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