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A new addition to the "Ramblings" section: the lyrics to the Rolling Stones' classic "Angie." I've also added two new links to the "About me" section, one is to my other page "Thandie Newton: A Dedication" to one of my fave actresses, the other one is "Miscellaneous Stuff" with lists of recommended books and CD's. Later!


Hope you got to see part I of "George Wallace" on TNT today. No updates today though. Just watch out from hoaxes and imposters. Later.


Regarding the latest posting on my "Guestbook" I'll quote my good friend HJ: "I'm not sure if it's the real thing or take a shot of tequila and make yourself believe it is..."


It has been brought to my attention that there are two versions of "Gia," one's the 120 min. "R" rated version, the other and unrated 126 min. version. (Thanks a lot Alicia)


Today I added two new articles. One for "Gia," a review/interview type deal and another one for "Playing God," a mixed critique. That's it! Later.


"Gia" has been given an "R" rating by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) for its "graphic depiction of drug abuse, strong sexual content, language and some violence."

The length of the film remains intact at 120 mins., so now I'm not sure whether new scenes have been added...

About this page: I renamed it "Heavenly Angelina." I think that the old title "My Angelina Jolie Homepage" was too damn creative and original for its own good... ;)


I added a new address to the "Angelina Addys" section. (Thanks Tina!). Also, AJ has been chosen as one of Entertainment Weekly's most creative people. Cameron Diaz is on the cover and it should be in news stands now! (Thanks Heather).

Later: I added the pic and article from "Entertainment Weekly's" 'It' list (whatever that is). Take a look, it's pretty cool. It's under the title "Uber Creative Angelina" (I had to come up with a title) Oh, and AJ is 23 years old now.


New section: Angelina's addresses. Not sure if they might work, but try writing and let me know if you get an answer.That's it. Later.


Sorry for the lack of updates these past couple of days. Things are pretty slow, I'm still looking for AJ articles and might have some new ones on by Friday. Today I just added a link to a site called "Teardrops from Heaven" in the "About Me Section." Do check it out, it has this really great AJ pic on it! By the way, I finally found a copy of last month's "Movieline" and in it is reported that Angelina is one of the few actresses being considered to play Judy Garland on a biopic about her life. Well, I'm a huge fan of JG's as well, so that would be just heaven for me. Martin Scorsese is reportedly interested in directing. Useless info: Both JG and AJ are lefties!!That's it. Later.


I've added some new lines to the "Angelina Quotes" section. I'm also on the look out for new pics and articles. Also, there will be a chat on Tuesday night @ 10:30pm (ET). Hope you can make it.


I added a section called "My favorite films", feel free to visit it. Mind you, I'm a film student, so my choices are kinda weird.

*WARNING* A few AJ fans (including myself) have downloaded VH-1's link to the Rolling Stones "Anybody seen my baby" video. DON'T DO IT! Angelina is not in it! It's only about 15 seconds and it takes forever to download.


Not too much to report. Just go check out the "Angelina Gold" section which has been updated with the latest nods coming AJ's way.


I added the new "Angelina Quotes" section. For those of you who haven't seen the Rolling Stones video "Anybody seen my baby?" starring AJ, keep an eye out for VH-1, it has been nominated for video of the year, so they'll probably air it again quite a few times.

You can go to the and vote for it and then be guaranteed to see it... if it wins that is! You can also email VH-1 and ask for them to put the video back on rotation. Later.


No updates this past weekend! Sorry. Still, I did work on the page, and today I put up a small little section called "Jolie Quizz" with a tricky question every month. Do check it out.

I am still very much at work at the quotes section, there are so MANY! "Gia" alone could fill up its own section...keep the suggestions coming though...Later.


Later that night: Angelina is popping up again on MOVIELINE magazine. It is the July issue and should be on newstands soon.(Thanx for the tip Amber!)

According to Reuters, Angelina's next film project will be "The Bone Collector", co-starring Denzel Washington (woo hoo!). In the film, AJ will play a New York cop whose aspirations to be assigned to child services are waylaid after she gets involved in the search for a serial killer.

She develops a pupil-mentor relationship with Mr. Washington, who plays a quadriplegic detective who is a forensics expert and steers her to solve the crime. The relationship is described as being not unlike the Clarice Sterling-Hannibal Lecter interplay from "The Silence of the Lambs."

The film will be directed by Phillip Noyce, whose previous credit include "The Saint." The script is by Jeremy Iacone and Christopher Crowe.The studio is Universal.

That's it for today! Later.


I added the Esquire article "Fifty or so facts about Angelina Jolie" to the Interviews section. It is an awesome article and worth checking out. Later.

Also: This site was entered into the "Women Celebrities" database: woo hoo!


Added the "True Women" reviews page. Also added a new link to the Interviews section. Later.


The "FOXFIRE" page is up and running. It has a bunch of reviews but I am still searching for more stuff. Later.


I've added a new review of "George Wallace" at the articles page. Do check it out. That's it! Later.



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