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This page is dedicated to my all consumming passion: The cinema. I decided to dedicate sometime to the art form which inspires me the most, and where my future lies.

I have been a movie fan for as far back as I can remember. The first movie I remember seeing in a theater was "The Ten Commandments," (I'm only 21, but back home they'd show this film every year on Good Friday). My mom took my brother and I to the theater constantly, as did our father.

I began acquiring an appreciation for film and film artists around the age of 13, when I saw Martin Scorsese's "Goodfellas." It was then when I realized the prescence of some divine force behind the surreal facade we call film.

Ever since that fateful night eight years ago, I've been an avid student of film history and have come to know more than I ever imagined about the art of film. But the more I know, the more I know how much further I still have to go.

So here's my tribute to the most relevant art form of the century.


My top 25 favorite national & international films.
A listing of my favorite filmmakers and their best work.

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