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I'm working on the "Foxfire" and "True Women" pages and also a new section called "Angelina Quotes", email me with suggestions. Later.


According to celestial lily's awesome site, when "Gia" is finally released on video, it will have some added scenes; specifically love scenes omitted from the broadcasted version as well as more graphic drug taking scenes.

Again, "Gia" will come out on video on July 21st!!!


While doing some film research, I came across a VERY intersting tid bit; I think I might have found AJ's first screen appearance. The film is 1982's "Lookin' to Get Out" starring Jon Voight and Ann-Margret, and directed by Hal Ashby (who also directed Voight in "Conrack"). Probably a cameo, but listed in the credits is Angelina Jolie Voight.

I haven't seen the film myself, and the only site which lists AJ in this picture is "Mr. Showbiz." Still, Marcheline Bertrand (her mom) is in the cast as well. If any of you has seen the film, please email me!

Also, I'm afraid to report the CableACE awards are no more. (Thanks Vickie!) Oh well, one less award for AJ to win. Later.


No new additions today I'm afraid. But there will be a chat session tomorrow, Wednesday 26th@ midnight (ET). Hope you can make it. Later.

* I've received a bunch of emails regarding the "Hater" situation. About that nuisance at our messageboard, I won't even dignify his/her presence in this site with a comment.


Today I added a link to some AJ audio files. They're taken from some interviews she gave during the release of "Foxfire." Later.


I've added two new sections: "Jolie Mailing List", please join! And "Angelina Raw" with some very interesting pics...Later.


Sorry about the lack of updates yesterday, but my computer sort of crashed! Anyways, today I added two new articles. One is Vintage from 1996, and it's in the "Angelina Interviews" section. The other one is another review of "Gia."

As I write this, I am transcribing another print interview, which should be up either tonight or by tomorrow. Later!


You are all welcomed to an AJ chat, which will take place on Friday the 22nd @ 7:30pm (ET). A great place to get to know other AJ fans!

That night: I also added a link to a nice site dedicated to the great Jon Voight. You can check it out in the "About Me" awesome links section. Hope you enjoy it.

Later: I've added two new links to the George Wallace articles page. One has the bio notes from the TNT production.

Great news! GIA will be coming out on home video on July 21st (thanks for the tip Heather!)


I added a new section called "Angelina Gold", do check it out. Especially those of you who missed the Golden Globe Awards. As for a little heckler contaminating this page, the best thing to do is to ignore him/her. Later!


Well, no updates today. I'm afraid I'm feeling a bit under the weather. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll feel much better. Later.


Later that day: I added a new link to another great Gia Tribute Page on the net. Also, I finally received my very first insult! Woo hoo! Go check it out in the message board, it's kinda funny.

I've added a new link to the "Gia Articles" page. Also, I forgot to mention that on Satruday I added a cool link with awesome pics from the Gia premiere a few months back. Go check it out at the "Gia Articles" section.


Today I added the new tributre page to the real Gia. It's fairly simple, though.

Good news. I just got word that our site has been added to the 1998 Link directory published on the FANSITES.COM website!! Later.


I think I'm recuperating from that all too common "Post-Gia Syndrome." So it's back to work. Today I put up some new pics on the new sections: "Angelina Galore" and "Gia" images.

There are two new links in the Angelina Interviews ssection. I also began the "Ramblings" page, hopefully a forum for AJ fans to try to express just how much AJ's performances has affected them. Send me an email so I can put up your opinions. Later.

LATER: I added two more links to reviews of PLAYING GOD.

5/15/98 So I didn't add anything to the page today, mainly because I finally received a copy of "Gia" (again,Thanks you sooooooooo much Heather). As I am still too overwhelmed to even comment on it, I should just say that tomorrow I'll be adding a couple of new pics of AJ, as well as a new page; an open forum for AJ fans to write about her films. That's all for now, later.

*Note: Please, e-mail me with your time preferences so I can set up a time for AJ chats.


Later that day: Due to technical difficulties, I have now replaced the "old" chat room ( I continue this announcement as "Taps" plays softly on the background) yes, we had fun for a while, but it's time for an easier, cooler chat room, AJ fans deserve no less. So visit us soon.

CORRECTION: The PrimeTime Emmy Awards nominations will be announced on July 16, not July 23 as I previously stated (Thanks Vicky!)


Even Later: I added a new interview well worth reading, as well as the first article on George Wallace. I'm also looking for articles and images from PLAYING GOD. Those should hopefully be up by Sunday.


Finally the chat room is running. This one's a bit primitive, but I'm still working on a better one as you read this. I'm also workign ona message board and a quiz section. So if you have any suggestions for possible questions, email me.


Well, I've added a few more reviews of GIA, and will probably get a copy myself soon.(Thanks Heather!) I'd also like to thank all the great AJ fans who have come into my life (i.e. Gul, Amber, Kari, Heather, etc.!)

I'm working on a chat room right now, and it should be up in the next few days. Finally, a gathering place for AJ fans!

Last, but certainly not least, I wanted to clear up a few very important upcoming dates. First, the Primetime Emmy Award nominations will be announced on on JULY 23rd. The actual awards ceremony will be televised September, 13th. So don't expect Angelina to be up for them Daytime Emmys to be aired later this month.

That's it. Later.


Angelina's current project is the feature "Dancing About Architecture" co-starring Gillian Anderson, Ellen Burstyn and Sean Connery.

I added a few new sections: Angelina Interviews, with the best online interviews of Angelina; Angelina on Television, with TV listings of her films and upcoming talk show television appearances.


My Angelina Jolie Homepage has reached its embryo stage. In the upcoming weeks, I shall keep you up to date with the latest news on AJ. So keep coming back every few days. I will also soon have a page full of images and hopefully some soundbytes as well. Anyway, that's it for the day. Later.



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