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New to "Heavenly Angelina" is the Oscar Poll 2000 so drop by and vote you guys!!!

Also, here's what film critic Roger Ebert had to say about the supporting actress category:

"The supporting actress category is the most interesting race this year, showing more imagination in voters' choices. The hot, young star Angelina Jolie, she of the pouty lips and fiery temperament, was nominated as the untamed spirit inside a mental institution in "Girl, Interrupted." Also nominated: Toni Collette as the mother of the psychic boy in "The Sixth Sense"; Catherine Keener, as the knife-edged office worker on floor 7 1/2 in "Being John Malkovich"; Samantha Morton, as a woman who lacks the power of speech but can hear Sean Penn's virtuoso guitar riffs in "Sweet and Lowdown," and Sevigny, as a young woman in "Boys Don't Cry," who thinks she is dating a man and later knows she is dating a woman, but subtly conceals the stages of her growing realization."

That's it!


As predicted, Angelina Jolie received her first Academy Award Nomination, joining the list of Academy Award Nominated daughters of Oscar winners (only Angelica Huston and Jane Fonda). We wish Angelina the best of luck (even if she soooo has the statue!). Coming this week to "Heavenly Angelina," The Angelina Jolie Hotline, so check back soon for the details.


My Oscar nod predictions page is up, so go visit it guys!


Angelina was nominated this past week for two Blockbuster Awards (Best Actress -Suspense, and Best Supporting Actress - Drama) for "The Bone Collector" and "Girl, Interrupted respectively. More importantly, she was named star of tomorrow by the Theater Owners of America. This is an amazing honor for any actor, so congratulations. Now let's wait till February 15th, when the Oscar Nominations will be announced by Dustin Hoffman. (Who co-starred with Jon Voight in "Midnight Cowboy." The nominations will be broadcast live by all networks as well as CNN and E! (8:30p, 7:30c).


I just posted a "new" interview with Ms. Jolie from the Big Star website. In it she discusses "The Bone Collector" and gives a lot of new insight. Check it out in the Interviews Section


Angelina reacted to her SAG nomination for best supporting actress with the following statement ``It is gratifying to be acknowledged for my work as an actor and I am particularly honored by my peers in the Screen Actors Guild,'' so congrats, Angelina, from all your fans!


I guess vacation time is over. Since I'm back online, I decided to take care of "Heavenly Angelina" once more. Oh yes, after months of freedom and play ( I just finished "Zelda: Ocarina of Time" and I'm still bragging...) not to mention watching from the outside as Ms. Jolie becomes a certified movie star, well, I figured it would be great to get "HA" going once more. Especially since our fave actress seems poised to get that golden guy on March 26th. And so that's the first order of business: February 15th, only two more weeks till we find out if Angelina gets her due, or if the Academy members still have a bug up their ass (I mean, "Shakespeare in Love" come on people!!!) So let's stay tuned for all the upcoming developments as Ms. Jolie's career continues its upward spiral.


Hey kids, I can't believe I haven't written in over 7 I'm home in P.R. now, and living the hard knock life, and worst of all, no access to the wonderful, oh so addicting web. Not till today that is, just for a few minutes. In any case, I've been keeping up with AJ through friends now, and for lack of time and info, this might be my last posting on the news site.

I guess the page has a life of its own now in the messageboards and the mailing list, so I'm not feeling too down on my self. Here's a bit though, Angelina will be all over the place tomorrow (11.06.99) so keep an eye out for The View and if you're in Philly, check out the evening show, Philadelphia Tonight, they always have AWESOME interviews with Angelina.

Well guys, goodbye for now and take care. Thanks for your support for the past year and a half. And Angelina, thanks for being such a source of inspiration.

4.19.99 Angelina will be on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" this Wednesday the 21'st. The show comes on at 11:00pm (ET) and there's an extremely short gettin' to know you type interview with each celebrity guest. Angelina will also be in ABC's "The View" this Thursday the 22nd, so check your local listings! Later.


Angelina is scheduled to appear on Jay Leno's Tonight Show on Friday, April 16th, so get your VCR's ready.


I know it's been a while since I gave you the latest on Angelina, but hey, this is my last semester at college...way too much pressure. In any case, I've got some great news to report: Angelina has signed on to co-star with Oscar winner Nicolas Cage in "Gone in 60 Seconds." The film will be directed by Dominic Sena (who made "Kalifornia") for Touchstone Pictures and distributed by Buena Vista Pictures. The film is scheduled for release in 2000 and is in the pre-production stages. The other big project is a film version of "Charlie's Angels" to be produced by Drew Barrymore who will also have a role in the film. It is rumored that the film will co-star Cameron Diaz and our own Angelina. I will let you know what's up with the project as soon as more details are released. Anyways, that's it for now. It appears as though Angelina is continuing to be unpredictable and daring (and maybe even having fun) as to which project she associates herself with (Go Angelina!)


Hey People. Sorry about the lack of updates. Not much news to tell...Just make sure to watch the Screen Actors Guild Awards this Sunday, March 7th on TNT (It will come on at 8:00pm ET) Angelina is scheduled as a presenter, and has a good chance of winning. That's all!


OK, so in my leisure time I created this Yahoo! Angelina Club; it has a chat room, messageboard, photos, news, etc. so you are welcome to drop by. Just follow this link: GiaLegs(I really love my handle!) So that's it! Take care


I just changed the cover of "Heavenly Angelina." Tell me what you think. The pic was courtesy of "Celestial Lily," the site with the best Angelina images on the web. There's a link to it on the "It's a Jolie World" section.


Hey guys. Sorry I haven't updated the page in a while but, um, let's just say I had an accident and I'm feeling a lot like Jimmy Stuart in "Rear Window." Anyways, needless to say, Angelina won the Golden Globe Award for her performance in "Gia" It was an amazing evening, and she truly deserved her victory. Also this week, Angelina received yet another nomination for her performance, this time by the Screen Actors Guild. So we have yet another chance to see her glow! That's it, later.


OK, "Playing by Heart" is officially out, yet the response from critics has been pretty lukewarm, with one exception, the unanimous response to Angelina's performance. Everyone has said she basically steals the movie from the likes of Sean Connery and Gena Rowlands. Here's a familiar statement from one of my fave critics, Roger Ebert;

"And there is a different kind of truth in the peppy wisecracks of Joan (Angelina Jolie), a club-crawler who meets Keenan (Ryan Phillippe), a guy she likes, and can't understand why he goes hot and cold with her. Jolie steals the movie as a woman whose personal style has become so entertaining, she can hide behind it."

And also;

"As the movie circled from one story to another, I found myself waiting for Angelina Jolie to come 'round again. With her pouty lips and punk chic look, she's an original; I like the way she's talking to her sister on the phone and when Keenan turns up unexpectedly, she says, ``Let me take care of this call,'' and takes care of it by hanging up. Their relationship is the one that develops the most during the film; it's the one we care about."


This page's mailing list is alive and kicking and all the info I had to report has been reported so no new items today. Still, I did build a new page, called "Oscar 99" with my predictions as to who and which films will get a precious nod. Go check it out, if just to kill time then tell me what you think! Later.


Hey's been a while...sorry I haven't got much to report, other than the fact that Angelina is scheduled to be a presenter in next week's Golden Globe Awards. She is currently filming "Girl, Interrupted" in Harrisburg, Pa. (woo hoo!) That's it for now, later.


OK, after last night's...ahem,surreal interview with Letterman, let's just hope the Rosie O'Donell one goes way better! Love and see you next year, Irina.


Great news before I leave! Angelina has been nominated for another Golden Globe for the second year in a row. She was nominated in the category of Best Actress for her amazing performance in "Gia." The film itself got nominated for Best Made for Television Movie and Ms. Faye Dunaway got a nod for Best Supporting actress for her portrayal of Wilhemina Cooper. Awesome! The Associated Press reports that the Awards will be presented on January 24th on NBC. Can't wait!


Awesome news: The National Board of Review has chosen its Top Ten films and awards for 1998: Please note ANGELINA JOLIE won the Breakthrough Performance Award for "PLAYING BY HEART." (Thanx for the info Jenn!) For you cinephiles: the National Board of Review is highly regarded in the film world and this award serves as a sign of things to come. (My fave actress Juliette Binoche won the Oscar after receiving an award from the NBR). So who knows, maybe we'll see Angelina nominated for two Golden Globes this year ("Gia," "Playing by Heart") and maybe even the big one! Later.


Angelina is featured in the current issue of Premiere Magazine's "Women in Hollywood" issue. (page 22) Here she confirms her appearance on "Girl, Interrupted." She will start in another project before "Girl" however, entitled "The Simian Line" where she will play (and get this) a punk rocker and a mom! So check it out. Later.


NEWSFLASH: Angelina is scheduled to appear on the Rosie O'Donell show on Friday, December 18th!!! Also, there is an article on this week's "People Magazine" about the production of "The Bone Collector" on p. 16-17. (Thanks Brfert!)


These news come to me from two great Angelina fans: Angelina is currently on "GQ" magazine! :) Later.

BTW, feel free to visit the new section The Heavenly Poll (Stay with me people!)


Angelina is scheduled to appear on David Letterman's "The Late Show" on December 17th, so be sure to check it out. Happy Thanksgiving!


The Internet Movie Database lists Angelina Jolie as a member of the cast of "Girl, Interrupted." According to the IMDB, Angelina will play Lisa (the best character of the novel by *far*).

So Angelina's schedule is absolutely *full* as she has been working non stop. 1999 promises to be a key year for her, with "Pushing Tin" and "The Bone Collector" being released (not to mention the possibility of an Oscar for "Playing by Heart"!) and "Girl, Interrupted" going into production. It is safe to say Angelina will be a household name by this time next year.



AJ fans rejoice: Entertainment Weekly's current Holiday Movie Preview states in p.75 "Also rumored to give a noinatable supporting turn is Angelina Jolie as a club kid in "Playing by Heart." Which goes to show that what is important here is not the film's title but Angelina's performance! (showed me right!) That's it. Later!


So the *official* title for "Dancing About Architecture" is "Playing by Heart." I shall keep my comments to myself.

I also updated the "Jolie Quizz" section, so please check it out.

Thanks Kate, for all your help. I really appreciate it.


I've got great news for you lucky New Yawkers: The production team from "The Bone Collector" will be shooting in NYC for three weeks (Thanks, Laura). This according to "Variety." Also, it is pretty official, the present title for "Dancing About Architecture" is (drum roll): "If They Only Knew"...(that this title sucks!) : P Later!


For all those of you awaiting AJ news: this is NOT your lucky day. However, if you have time to kill, how about signing my new Slambook? It's at the bottom of the front page index. Check it out!



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