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I was informed that Angelina is in the current issue of "MAXIM" magazine. So try and check it out. Thanks for the info! And Happy Halloween everybody!!!



"Dancing About Architecture"'s new permanent title is: "Playing By Heart"

This info comes to me from AJ fan Jenn. Thanks for the info!

(And yes, I do think it's a crappy title)



Cinescape reports:

Make That ‘Mononoke’

Miramax’s release of the Japanese animated box office hit Princess Mononoke was reported earlier in the week to be headed stateside with a title very close to The Phantom Menace, which might well have annoyed the folks over at Lucasfilm.

In an advertisement in today’s Variety, Miramax is now officially promoting the American version of Princess Mononoke as...Princess Mononoke. This should put to rest the questions surrounding the title that were raised when a reporter with the Desert News claimed it would be called the Phantom Princess. The trade ad also reports that Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie will be throwing their voices for the film as well...

So it's true...I gotta say AJ has definitely arrived...woo hoo! That was


Just added a new guestbook to this page. So go sign it and let me know how you feel about this page and AJ! You can find the link at the bottom of the index. Later!


For those of you who haven't emailed me with this news item yet : P Angelina is on the current issue of Entertainment Weekly on page 10. There's a cute lil' picture of her accompanying an article about the possibility of "Girl, Interrupted" so go check it out. Thanks to all of you who emailed me!!! I really appreciate it!


It appears that the information regarding the title change for "Dancing About Architecture" is a tentative one and very much still up in the air.


It was brought to my attention that the title to AJ's upcoming film "Dancing About Architecture" has reportedly been changed to "If They Only Knew"...don't ask me why! Just when I was getting to really dig "Architecture" : ) Thanks a bunch for the info, Karen.

Also, tonight there will be a chat at my chatroom to discuss this and other news (The possible "Girl, Interrupted" & "Bandits" projects) The chat begins tonight at 11:30 PM (ET) so please join us, we never know who'll drop by!


Yes, I'm still alive...barely (midterms, papers, jobs (2 of 'em!). But I'm glad to inform that you're in for a nice surprise if you buy the current "Movieline" issue. "The reference is on page 24. Warner Bros. is doing a movie entitled"Bandits" a remake of a German film about four female jail birds who become an underground music sensation. Warner Bros. is looking at Neve Campbell, Angelina, and Lauren Hill of the Fugees." This info comes from Laura. (Thank you so much!)

Also on the same issue, there is a list where AJ comes in at #44 as the actor with "the most deserved hype." But of course, we've known that all along...

Thanks also to Crystal and Michelle who were also on the look out for these new items.

In other news, since the whole situation at the messageboard seems to have vanished, today I will be relocating The Angelina Jolie Board Room, so come visit and drop a line!

BTW, for the 100th time, didn't I tell you guys that "Movieline" LOVES AJ??? : )


This info was published in the Hollywood Reporter today and it comes to me via Laura:

Angelina Jolie is in talks to join Winona Ryder in Columbia Pictures' ``Girl, Interrupted.'' The picture, directed by James Mangold, is based on Susanna Kaysen's book about her experiences as a teenager in a mental asylum from 1967-69. It has been described as a female ``One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.'' Jolie has appeared in the award-winning HBO movie ``Gia,'' ``Playing God,'' ``Hackers'' and the upcoming ``Dancing About Architecture'' and ``Pushing Tin.'' She is working with Denzel Washington in ``The Bone Collector'' for director Phillip Noyce. She was a double Emmy nominee this year for ``Gia'' and ``George Wallace.'' She also won a Golden Globe last year for ``George Wallace.''

Thanks a bunch Laura!


Today I updated the "Jolie Quizz" with a new question. So go check it out!

Later that day: I've removed the "Angelina Jolie Messageboard" temporarily. I understand that there are many fans who used this board to share in their admiration for AJ, but unfortunately, it has now become a place so full of hate it is disgusting to look at. It has become the site of some private spat that has nothing to do with Angelina Jolie, her work or our admiration for her. Not to mention that it was very dissapointing how seemingly cool people jumped on the band wagon fighting over a situation they have no knowledge of. Hopefully as spirits cool down, I'll put the messageboard back. If you feel the need to share your feelings about AJ, join the mailing list and ex-change messages there. Take care everyone.