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ANGELINA: "I'm so nervous, I'm about to fall over..."

On how she celebrated her Golden Globe victory:

"I got really drunk"

On her fascination with knives:

"I've collected weapons since I was a little girl"

QUOTES FROM "GIA" with Angelina as "Gia Marie Carangi" 
(Thanks for your help HJ and Kari!)

GIA: "Linda's got a boyfriend--I've got a girlfriend"

GIA: "You were the one, you were the only one--and you 
were amazing."

GIA: "I was thinking about you"
LINDA: "Are you all right?"
GIA: "Is your boyfriend home?"
LINDA: "I don't have a boyfriend anymore."
GIA: "I'm all dirty"

GIA:"I, like, kick Spiderman's ass!"

GIA:"Go" (To the man in the motorcycle as she leaves the photo shoot)

WOMAN: "Chasing the dragon, are you?"
GIA: "Yeah, I'm sorry."
WOMAN: "No, it works, it works--a little death around the eyes."

GIA: "Somebody has to take care of me, I'm just a kid"
TJ: "Bullshit"

GIA: "I'm in charge, and I'm leaving"

GIA: "So who are you looking at him or me?"

GIA: "Thank you and fuck you. Bye,bye."

GIA: "I go see, I go see--nobody sees me. Ah! Piece of meat! 
Come here! Let me see your bag. And they stick their finger in you. 
I ain't no good at this, I ain't no good at this at all. 
But even if you are good at this, what exactly are 
you good at?"

GIA: "A book is like a box, a box has six sides, inside 
and outside, but how do you get to what's inside? How do you 
get to what's inside out?"

GIA: "I will be king and you will be queen." (To Linda on the plane)

GIA: "You know, I can do this. I can be a fucking 
housewife. I'd be very happy."

GIA: "Because you are a greedy fuck, and you'll get me 
more money than anyone else." (To the head of the Largo Agency)

TJ: "Have you ever been with a man?"
GIA: "Yeah, once."
TJ: "And?"
GIA: "And...I could have done that with a German Shephard."

GIA: "TJ & GIA...hmmm, I like that!"

GIA: "I need you so much. Don't make me do this." 
(To Linda before the break-up)

GIA: "I would kiss them everyday, and tell them: You don't 
have to be anybody, because I would know that being somebody 
doesn't make you anybody anyway." 
(On the plane with Wilhelmina)

FRANCESCO: "This is life, not heaven. You don't have to 
be perfect." (To Gia during the infamous Cosmo cover shoot)

GIA: "When she kisses me, I feel all four winds blow at 
my face. But what do you do with a woman, who has no love 
for you?--She's my lost captive and no longer lies along 
my legs...I wrote that for you."
(Gia's message to Linda after the split)

QUOTES FROM  "FOXFIRE" with Angelina as "Legs Sadowski"

SONG: "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like 
LEGS: "Winning"

BUTTINGER: "Young lady, you can see me in detention"
LEGS: "I don't even go here."

MADDY: "I don't even know your name."
LEGS: "She says the next day...don't worry, you're not my type"

MADDY: "I felt it before I knew it"(Maddy before seeing Legs for the first time)

MADDY: "Where do you live?"
LEGS: "In my head mostly"

LEGS: "For thinking for myself" (Legs on why she was kicked out of school)

LEGS: "Don't take any shit" (To Maddy before she goes to school)

(On the roof)

MADDY: "If I told you that I loved you, would you take it the wrong
LEGS: "What do you mean the wrong way?"
MADDY: "It's just that I'm not...and you're..."
LEGS: "I'll take it however you want me to, Maddy"

LEGS: "You're in my heart, Maddy"

QUOTES FROM "GEORGE WALLACE" with Angelina as "Cornelia Wallace"

GEORGE WALLACE: "What a beast of a woman" (on first seeing Cornelia)

QUOTES FROM "TRUE WOMEN" with Angelina as "Georgia Virginia Lawshe"

GEORGIA: "I've been thinking about what you said, 
that I was the prettiest girl in Francisville if not 
Georgia and the entire state. Now, if you know every girl 
in the entire South, I'd be a fool to trust you, wouldn't I?"

GEORGIA: "What did you do to my ankle, are you a sorcerer?"

GEORGIA: "Are you a native of Francisville, doctor Woods?
WOODS: "No, I was born on the Tennessee River. Please, call 
me Peter."
GEORGIA: "Is that in Tennessee?...I mean, of course it is. 
I mean, when you--did you move--are you from here--did you--
when did you move here?
WOODS: " I live in Springdale"
GEORGIA: "Springdale! So you're not a native of Francisville 
after all, are you? No."

EUPHEMIA: "America is a union. Slavery is about to rip it apart, 
you can just take away people's basic rights!"
GEORGIA: You mean like the Indians. They're more American than 
blacks or whites but I don't see too many in town here today, 
do you? You Texans are proud to say you slaughtered them, after 
you stole their land. What about their basic rights?"

GEORGIA: "I love you too, cousin"

GEORGIA: "Now if God had wanted modesty to be native in women 
he would not have saddled them with childbirth."

GEORGIA: "We sir, are exactly where we belong!"

GEORGIA: "You men were in fact raised and educated by women. 
How can my son, how can my son be qualified to vote and I am 

GEORGIA: "I don't want to be a man. I like being a woman, but 
a woman who can vote."

QUOTES FROM "HACKERS" with Angelina as Kate Libby (Acidburn)
(Thanks Kari!)

KATE: "Never send a boy to do a woman's job!"

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