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Sorry for the lack of updates lately. School sucks is all I can say, plus my family was hit by Georges back in Puerto Rico. BTW, for those of you wanting to know what AJ is up to, well she's in Montreal shooting "The Bone Collector" with Denzel Washington. The shooting began on September 21st. So if you live in Montreal, I really really envy you! : P


Later that night: Ok, so I've made things a lot easier. I just built a new section called "The Angelina Jolie Mall" where you can get both the videos and the CD's. Follow the link at the bottom of my index.

BTW: They have a great offer for "True Women" only $12.73 for one of AJ's finest performances!

Since everyone has been asking me about how to find certain AJ films, I'm happy to bring you guys a link where you can find every major AJ film out on video (including "Gia") Just go over to :

Purchase titles by Angelina Jolie from the web's biggest videostore at


I added a link to the online music store "CD NOW" at the bottom of the index. There you'll find the soundtracks to such AJ films as "Foxfire" (which rocks!) and "Playing God" (also cool)And if you have Real Audio, you can check out some song samples. Just type in the name of the film in the box. Enjoy! Later.


One of our regular visitors to this page wrote a letter to the L.A. Times regarding the dumb Emmy results from last weekend. Guess what? Her letter was published. If you'd like to take a look at it, you can go to this URL:

Good going Crystal! We're very proud of you and certainly hope AJ got to read it!


It was brought to my attention that there is a small AJ pic on the new issue of "Movieline" (didn't I tell you they love her) from "Dancing About Architecture." Nicole Kidman is on the cover. (Thanks HJ!!!)


Three days since one of the worst injustices in Emmy history...Anyways, to everyone despondent over the results of the awards, remember there are still the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Crystal Awards and the Nobel Prizes (now I'm really stretching it :)

So, yeah, I'm in a better mood. I just can't bring myself to watching the broadcast again...too painful.

For those in need of another vent session, I've scheduled a chat for this Thursday night @ 11:00 pm (ET). Please join us!


I intend to be very, very mature about this: The Emmys SUCK!


Tomorrow's the *BIG NIGHT* Go AJ! Anyways, I have some really interesting news about "Hell's Kitchen."

One of my sources saw a screening of the film at the Toronto Film Festival, and informed me that AJ plays a character named "Gloria," whose teenage brother was killed in a botched heist five years earlier.

AJ's part is reportedly very small, and the main story follows the guy she blames for her brother's death -- an ex-con named Johnny (the irony!) and played by Mekhi Pfifer(For MTV viewers, he's the guy in that Brandy & Monica video "The Boy is Mine").

I was also told that Angelina sports long blond hair in the film, and that her mother is played by Rosanna Arquette .

The most interesting item however is the fact that despite what the IMDb says, Jonny Lee Miller is NOT in the film. And that possibly someone has mistaken Johnny Whitworth (of "Empire Records" and "The Rainmaker") for Jonny Lee.

Angelina was not at the premiere, though her co-stars Arquette and Pfifer were.


Thanks to everyone who emailed me with suggestions for the planned "Big Ass Emmy Chat" (did I say that?). So here it goes: There will be two different chats: One beginning at 7:00PM (ET) (Showtime for the Emmys) and another one at 11:00PM (ET) (Scheduled end). This way everybody's happy! You can join in if you live in a different time zone and just can't wait to find out if AJ wins (which she will...both awards!), what she wore, etc. In any case, there will be fans here at both times, so be sure to join us. And remember to check out E!'s full coverage, with arrivals and post-award interviews. Let's see if Melissa Rivers can come up with a less insipid question this year...Later!


Just found out Angelina's character's name in the upcoming "The Bone Collector:" Amelia Sachs.


Casting news for "The Bone Collector": Reuters reports that Queen Latifah will be joining the cast and will be playing Denzel Washington's nurse/companion. Angelina Jolie co-stars with Washington as a cop on the lookout for a serial killer. Shooting begins on September 10th.


It has been brought to my knowledge that "Hell's Kitchen" will be playing these following dates at the Toronto Film Fest:

FRI. SEPT. 11 @ 9:00pm SUN. SEPT. 13 @ 2:30pm

So you Canadian fans have all the luck!!! : P

If you'd like to read more about the plot of "Hell's Kitchen," feel free to visit the following website:

That's it! Later.

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