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The Leading Man

Thandie stars as a theatre actress involved in a mysterious triangle. Jon Bon Jovi co-stars.

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A Review From Mediasearch:


Donít ever get pre-conceived ideas about what a film might be like because of who may be cast in it. These thoughts were running through the minds of a few critics who attended preview screenings of this film when the name Jon Bon Jovi was listed as a main player. Well, we can say that Jon puts in a terrific performance as Robin Grange, an American megastar of the theatre. He is cast as the lead actor of a new play by the highly-regarded playwright Felix Webb (Lambert Wilson). It turns out that Webb is madly in love with the lead actress Hilary (Thandie Newton). He has the dilemma of being married with three children. Grange comes into his own as he advises Webb that he will take out his wife to make her feel like a woman again and perhaps force the issue as far as the marital relationship goes.

The plot unfolds with a delightful and clever sequences. The acting is precise and engaging. Bon Jovi is more than able in the leading role and will surely gain further work if he desires. "The Leading Man" is a very entertaining film.