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Angelina Jolie Voight has, in a relatively short time, become an alluring presence on the silver screen. Angelina exploded on the scene with performances in films like "Foxfire" and her breakthrough role in HBO's "Gia." Now, with three upcoming film releases in 1999 ("Pushing Tin," "The Bone Collector," "Girl, Interrupted" ) Angelina is readily becoming the poster girl for 21st century cinema. Daring, intense, innovative and passionate, Angelina Jolie has emerged as the symbol of a new generation of strong willed, intelligent women. "Heavenly Angelina" tries to introduce people interested in her work to her entire output as an artist. I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay here.


As an artist and an actress, Angelina Jolie seems drawn to the dark side. "There's something about death that is comforting. The thought you could die tomorrow frees you to appreciate your life now," she is quoted as saying. Coming from someone with an extensive dagger collection, the Japanese character for death tattooed on her shoulder, and a penchant for not-exactly-girl-next-door roles, this sentiment certainly rings true.

To avoid comparisons with her father John Voight's acting legacy, Jolie dropped his last name. In her words: "I love my father, but I am not him." Nevertheless, she continues to seek out roles that end up, more often than not, making her the B-movie bad girl film buffs will always flock to see. In her first feature film, Hackers, she portrayed a scofflaw cyberbabe. She then went on to turn many a lesbian head in Foxfire, an otherwise forgettable grrl-power movie which served mainly to showcase her jaw-dropping nubility. Her big acting break came with the HBO docudrama Gia: The Tragic Story of a Supermodel. Jolie, who has herself worked as a professional model, infused the title character's feral nature and self-destructiveness with her own unique brand of incendiary sexuality and earned herself a Golden Globe nomination.

Her latest foray into the netherworld of the female psyche has proven just as effective and affecting: as the seductive and sociopathic Lisa in Girl, Interrupted, Jolie has once again served up a steamy dish of a performance that has garnered her a Golden Globe award for best supporting actress and an Oscar nomination in the same category.

The intelligent, talented, and uninhibited Jolie recently described herself as "most likely to sleep with a female fan." Take a number, girls."

Blatantly lifted from "Planetout"



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